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Our #DementiaInLiverpool chats are always open to everyone affected by or with an interest in Dementia wherever you are in the world. 

Tommy Dunne and Paul Hitchmough from @thredCiC host a weekly twitter chat for an hour every Wednesday at 8pm for people living with Dementia and those who support them. Including organisations, care homes and care workers during this period. We want to enable people to chat virtually now it may be difficult to meet up physically. Our aim is to reduce social isolation for all those affected by Dementia. We have already completed 16 twitter chats: 

Week 1: Music & Dementia

Week 2: Social isolation

Week 3: Dementia and Communication 

Week 4: Tips for Dementia Carer Support

Week 5: Tips for coping with depression/anxiety in dementia care

Week 6: Care tips for nutrition, mealtimes and exercise

Week 7: Loss and Grief in Dementia

Week 8: Life goes on following a diagnosis of Dementia

Week 9: What can “stories” teach us about dementia and can they have a significant impact on care?

Week 10: Technology and why it plays an important part in Dementia

Week 11: Transport, Health, Research, Economy and their importance to dementia

Week 12: Stigma, Sundowning, End of life, Palliative Care and dementia

Week 13: Visiting a Person Living With Dementia (PLWD) whether it be in their own home or in a care home following lockdown (Part 1)

Week 14: Visiting a Person Living With Dementia (PLWD) whether it be in their own home or in a care home following lockdown (Part 2)

Week 15: Dementia and Health Checks Prediagnosis and Post Diagnosis

Week 16: 'People with dementia should have a right to prepare and plan and participate in their own future'

Week 17: Pets in Dementia Care

Week 18: Dementia diagnosis support tips

Week 19: BAME, LGBT+ & Dementia

Week 20: Travelling safely with dementia 

Week 21: Intergenerational activities & dementia care 

Week 22: Young onset Dementia 

Week 23: What Dementia has taught me

Week 24: Coping with Caring, Covid and Dementia

Week 25: Supporting self-expression in dementia Care

Week 26: Tips to handle behaviour changes in dementia care

Week 27: Simple, practical tips to make everyday things easier for a person with dementia

Week 28: How can Caregivers take care of themselves. Managing depression and anxiety

Week 29: Breaking down boundaries: working in partnership to create dementia inclusive societies

Week 30: Cultural Appropriation, Micro-aggressions

Week 31: Tips for listening in dementia care, and barriers

Week 32: Dementia care tips during Christmas holiday celebrations

Week 33: Christmas tweet jokes

Week 34: Mindfuness in dementia care

Week 35: Creative arts and creative self expression in dementia care part 1

Week 36: Art activities in dementia care part 2

Week 37: Behaviour, Feelings, Anger, ‘Peculiar’, ‘Inappropriate‘, also Taboo subjects Inappropriate Sexual behaviour, Incontinence

Week 38: What’s it like to have dementia


This week:

‘How you can live better with dementia’

Thanks to initial funding from LCR Cares - Covid 19 Community Support Fund

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thred is a Community interest company connecting Transport, Health, Research and the Economy for those living with Dementia. 

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