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(Lived Experience Network 4 Dementia)


Lived Experience Network 4 Dementia - LEND is hoping to provide support at the earliest point of diagnosis for people living with dementia and their carers. Our approach is that the balance of power to make choices for yourself and your peers has to come from the dementia community itself.  We want to harness the knowledge, experience skills, talent across our community to help shape a new kind of world that we’ll live in.

We know from our own experience that keeping active, engaged and being part of the old and the new keeps us well, connected with our peers, families and social networks which all contribute to us continuing to lead the life we choose.


We are looking to build the number of plwd to help us achieve this and who feel they can help shape the future for themselves and others that follow in our footsteps.


This is a group where the voices of People living with dementia, can be heard and acted on. A group where your Carer can be confident that it’s You, that’s first and foremost at the front of everything we do.


Our activities will be diverse and will be shaped by our peers and we are committed to delivering the very best possible experiences that engages our peers in a whole-person approach. Our group will be open, relaxed, fun, educational, musical, fully inclusive.


Our group will work together for the benefit of Our Peers and their families. We will strive to prevent social Isolation and help dispel the stigma and fear surrounding dementia. All those who come into contact with LEND will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity, regardless of who they are, because at LEND, Everyone Counts.


We are Committed to Quality of Life for Everyone of Our Peers and their Families and will ensure that the group is ran with Compassion, integrity and respect.


All our relationships at LEND are based on empathy, respect, integrity and dignity.

We are committed to Improving Lives.


Our Vision: Is to strive for a whole-person approach, that sees the Person living with dementia, at the forefront of everything we do, to ensure that they can live happier, healthier lives.


Our mission: To make a real difference to our Peers lives.

Our values: passion, respect, integrity, diversity, excellence for all.

Our motto: You really do matter, Everyone counts, We really do care.

Memento Vivere

(Live Life Well)

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