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About Us

We are thred CIC. Our work and belief has driven us to set up our unique not for profit organisation. 

There are four of us, Tommy Dunne, by now expert on almost everything dementia related from his lived experience, playwright, hub of information and part time comedian on Twitter, and Paul Hitchmough serious musician, songwriter, and creative mind of thred.

Our two other directors, Louise Langham and Pat Broster are former carers for their parents who had dementia.  Following their experiences as carers they independently left their jobs in the private and public sector to work towards making information, services and support much better than they had experienced.

Between us and our network there is a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise, and talent that we just keep on developing because of our peers. What we all have in abundance, is empathy, understanding and a genuine desire to change the world around the growing number of families affected by dementia.  We are not an ordinary dementia organisation we are the two sides of a coin understanding the whole dynamic relationship and needs between, the person living with dementia and carer. Our focus is on peer relationships, support and cultivating a broader, valuable environment without stigma, barriers, or borders to diverse communities.


We use our creativity to work with and support people like you… with dementia, employer, commissioner, policy maker, clinician, family member, neighbour, or friend.

We are thred……will you join us?

Meet The Team


Tommy Dunne

  • Twitter

Tommy was awarded a BEM for the years of campaigning and support he has given to people living with dementia, their carers and professionals who care for them.  With over 10,000 followers worldwide, Tommy is our star, well known on Twitter for his weekly information sessions and sense of humour with his many jokes. He believes the world can be a better place if we can work together.


Paul Hitchmough

  • Twitter

Paul has used his musical talents to connect with others, translate his story and that of his peers through song writing and performance, most of all Paul loves meeting people, listening, and learning from them.  He’s proved that music has no barriers or borders across diverse communities and collaboration enhances our lives for the better.    Paul uses his music to bring people together, share their experiences and learn from each other.  Paul is still waiting for his No 1 hit….just a matter of time.



  • Twitter

Pat is our blue-sky thinker, connecting thred’s creative, dynamic ideas to the needs of carers and people living with dementia. When not scanning the horizon for collaborative opportunities to improve lives and developing connections across the universe Pat is getting into the detail through frontline research - listening to what carers and people living with dementia need and want and collaborating with them to change the way the world responds to them.  Pat believes empathy clears a route to true understanding and anything is achievable if we listen properly, respond to ideas and act together.

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